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UrbanApa art platform’s latest publication Blackness & the Postmodern curated and edited by Sonya Lindfors.

This publication has been supported Taiteen edistämiskeskus #HyväPuhe -project

This publication contains eight texts of various forms, each of them approaching the friction between Blackness and postmodern contemporaneity in one way or another. The writers come from different backgrounds and localities; they are artists, curators, researchers, performers, activists and much more. The collection is not seeking coherence, but juxtaposing different voices and perspectives. It uncovers personal strategies, structural abrasions and fundamental questions:


Can Blackness be postmodern, abstract or contemporary?

Who gets to represent neutrality or humanity?

Who is assigned to the canon?

In general, who are the creators of discourse in dance, choreography or performing arts?

Who are the gatekeepers and invisible holders of power?

Who get their voices heard, who are given visible agency?

Is Blackness a niche for the contemporary capitalist art market?

How can we collectively dream about a better future?

Sonya Lindfors is a Helsinki – based Choreographer and the Artistic Director of UrbanApa - arts platform. In all her work she pursues to shake and challenge existing power structures and empower the community.


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